Siser® EasyColor™ DTV™

    EasyColor is an all-new printable heat transfer vinyl utilizing a technology we call DTV (direct to vinyl) that works with inkjet printers. Yes, this means that you can finally print out full-color designs onto HTV using nothing more than your typical desktop printer at home! Unlike other materials that rely on Solvent, EcoSolvent, or even Sublimation systems, there are no new setups or expensive equipment purchases needed to use EasyColor. Simply feed EasyColor into your printer like any other piece of paper, and you’re ready to print!

    Specially formulated for inkjet inks, EasyColor retains the high quality you expect from a Siser product. Offering extreme flexibility, your designs will not only stretch, but feel soft and comfortable to wear as well. Color vibrancy also remains excellent even after going through the wash cycle dozens of times, and you won’t see EasyColor crack or peel like other inkjet transfers!

    EasyColor DTV can be cut with scissors or fed through a variety of cutters after printing. Masking is done using the same TTD Easy Mask that is already used with many of Siser's other printable products. Siser has created a new 8.4” x 11” size of TTD Easy Mask— perfectly sized for EasyColor applications. And yes, EasyColor is CPSIA certified!

    All of this means that with EasyColor DTV, ANYONE— from beginning crafters to large print shops— can dive into the world of printable vinyl with Siser.

    Siser TTD EasyMask is strongly recommended when using EasyColor DTV.



    Blade: Standard
    Setting: Iron-On +

    Silhouette Cameo:

    Blade: Standard, 3
    Setting: Heat Transfer Material (smooth)
    Speed: 8
    Thickness: 6

    Scan N Cut:

    Blade: 2
    Cut Speed: 1
    Cut Pressure: 1

    Roland GS/GX-24:

    Blade: 45°
    Gram Force: 80-90
    Offset: .250
    Speed: 25-50 cm/s


    Blade: 45°
    Gram Force: 8-9
    Tool: CB09U+0
    Speed: 30 cm/s


    Application Instructions:

    Temperature Setting for Siser EasyColor DTV is 310 degrees Fahrenheit  Pressure Setting for Siser EasyColor DTV is Medium Pressure  Press cSiser EasyColor DTV for 15 seconds


    For best results, wait 45-60 minutes after printing for ink to dry before pressing.

    Ink Compatibility: Inkjet
    Thickness: 100 Microns/3.94 Mils
    Applies to 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester,
    Cotton/Poly Blends
    Temperature: 310°F/155oC
    Time: 15 Seconds
    Pressure: Medium
    Peel: Hot
    Note: You may experience mixed results when using toner (laser) printers.

    Laundry Instructions:

    Wait 24 hours before the first wash
    Machine wash cold
    Use mild detergent
    Do not bleach or dry clean
    Dry on low setting
    Wash inside-out for best results
    Do not use liquid fabric softener



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    Tami Hrudka
    Siser DTV

    I followed the directions but when washed it peeled right off. Trying again with higher heat and time