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How to use B-FLEX Printed HTV

We recommend doing a temperature/time test before you get started-especially if this is the first time using this item or if you are applying with an iron.

Heat press vinyl transfer instructions: Manufacturer recommended settings: 285 degrees for no more than 4 seconds.

Directions for heat press: cut pattern/color side up (like an adhesive vinyl decal, do not mirror/reverse image) and weed excess material. Do not cut through the backing. Backing can be thrown away once removed. You will only want to cut through the actual vinyl. Apply transfer tape on top of vinyl design. Squeegee vinyl really well on the front and back to ensure that the transfer tape is securely attached. Remove backing and place design on garment, pattern up. Heat press at 285 degrees with medium pressure for no more than 4 seconds.

Please note: while an iron can get the job done, a heat press is the best equipment to apply heat transfer vinyl.